Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays All.
Thank you for the gifts we all love them, in return I promise that when I`m rich I`ll buy each of you AMC Pacers, hahaha, just kidding.
Things are well at the Kinnamons except for doing the Christmas scramble.
School has ended and I will hopefully make Deans List again. The only grade I got back so far was a 3.9 in my Database Design class.
Elise is well, and looking forward to taking some vacation time.
Jasper has almost fully graduated to underwear, and uses a full size potty for #1, still working on #2, its a challenge. You know, when I was younger I never thought I`d be so excited to have someone pee in a toilet. But the life of a parent is a weird one.
Well I`ll get back on here soon.