Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winter time

Hi all,
Things have been good, aside from the occasional bouts with the winter illnesses.
Christmas was awesome, we spent the night at Suanne and John's Christmas eve and woke up to a yummy breakfast and present opening. Later in the day we headed to Carma's to have a nice Christmas dinner with her, Kayla, Erin and Peter.
Thank you all for the great gifts!
We spent New Years Eve at home due to being sick but had some nice time together.

Jasper is still big on reading and will turn of video games to read, he actually reads more then plays video games, without me even asking.
He got "The Phantom Tollbooth" for Christmas and has been reading that a lot, it's his first book that's without pictures he's gotten into, he calls them chapter books.
Jasper might have ADD, we will find out soon. That's about the only big excitement at home recently.
Today school was closed due to snow so Jasper is having fun playing with a friend.

It seems there are a few family members have been battling their own health issues, so we wish them the best and a speedy recovery.
You are all in our thoughts and we send love your way.

Jasper Halloween Fire Station visit, he got to work the lights too!

Dr. Jasper

First snow of winter 2010

Opening a present on Christmas night after getting home.