Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Here we are, Mother's Day, and I figured I should write a little something. It's been a bit since I said hi anyway.
First, thanks for the great comments, it lets me know people are still reading and gives me a reason to continue.

Next on to this holiday.
I'm up late tonight thinking a lot, it happens, and thinking about mothers.
My mother is a beautiful, strong and gentle woman. She was always there for me in my youth and gave me an abundance of love. I learned a lot from my mom, mostly the look from a parent that says "you messed up, fix it", I use it now on Jasper, and other things of value too.
I also think of Suanne, who has been amazing through everything. The apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree because I see so much of where Elise got a great deal of the amazing qualities she had.
And of course I think of Elise, cause she's always there in my thoughts smiling back at me.
Elise was one of the most amazing moms I ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is a inspiration to me as a parent because she was patient, understanding and nurturing to a level I have never seen. She treated all people with that kind of respect and care and that is one of the many reasons she touched so many peoples lives.
Although she is gone, a mother's love never truly dies for it is one of the most strong and beautiful loves one can experience, and to know it at all is to know it always.
Happy Mother's Day