Saturday, August 02, 2008


So here we are in August, time seems to be going to quickly.
A lot of craziness seems to be creeping into our lives, car getting stolen etc., but as always there is so much good in the form of those people in our lives it's hard to let the bad get to ya for too long.
Elise's most recent MRI showed that her tumor has doubled in size. It's growth has manifested itself in her symptoms worsening. Memory, speech, and movement in her right side have degraded. The tumor has grown up and foreword, unfortunately growing into the frontal lobe.

Tonight we had one of the hardest talks we ever had. We told Jasper that mama is going to die. It was right up there with breaking the news to Elise back in the hospital.

Elise did a second round of chemo recently which made her really tired, but she got through it very well. With the growth she had a few treatment options that she now can't do. So her next treatment will be a stronger more aggressive form of chemo.


***SZ*** said...

Hey guys, big hugs from your interweb pal in MN. I'm sorry to hear things are progressing so quickly, and that you're going through very uneasy times. I wish there was more that I could do to help, but know that I am thinking of you three everyday and sending all the best vibes to you.


Anita said...

There isn't much I can say, other than I'm thinking of you guys and your family and I think of you all often. It's crappy that things are happening so fast, I just can't imagine. Take care Elise and family. God be with you all in this time.