Thursday, April 23, 2009


We buried Elise's remains on the first day of spring in the Fall City Cemetery. It was harder than I thought it would be. It was a good thing, some degree of closure.
Jasper and I have been busy. We had our friend Robert visit from Massachusetts and then helped our friends move.
Jasper got swimming lessons as a gift from gramma Suanne so he's been doing that for the last few weeks and loving it. Me, I've been stressing on where to move and we both are trying to adjust to all the changes life is still throwing at us.

Elise had tattoos of humming birds...

She told Jasper that before she died she would come back to check on us as a hummingbird. We have managed to be visited by them a bunch, even in the heart of winter, and I love spotting them with Jasper. We were visited by one yesterday that landed outside our patio and watched us for a while, we came out to say hi and to tell the hummingbird we are doing ok.


detective cupcake said...

This is so beautiful to hear. My heart goes out to you and Jasper.

Lots of love

Ridgewalker said...

Hope that the spring brings rebirth to your family. Here in Alaska, the Hummingbirds have been out in full force, a sense of renewal as they bounce from flower to flower. A bit of Elise in each of them, part of her sprit. Take care Cameron and Jasper, my thoughts go out to you...


Jason L. Cheung said...

Thinking of you guys. Hope all is well.

julz said...

hugs Cam~

been thinking of Elise a lot lately... she warms my heart still.