Thursday, May 13, 2010


Wow, it's been so nice out that we've practically live outside these days. As soon as we get home we are out back. Jasper playing with the neighborhood kids and me sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful days.
Jasper lost his third tooth this year, so that makes his two front teeth and one bottom one. He looks so cute and toothless.
Also after having some difficulties in school with behavior 2 weeks ago he hasn't had one issue since. I made him a deal, no fusses at school for the whole week equals big treat on the weekend. Must be working cause he's doing fantastic now.
Academically he's still top of the class. He's a remarkable reader and will sit reading for an hour easy. His favorite books are science ones. Carma got him some science books and he'll just sit and read them so happily, jumping up every few minutes to tell me some extremely random fact he learned.
So things are going good, feel like to a degree we are finding our comfort space with life.
Oh and we bought a rose bush and planted it for Elise's birthday, Jasper chose out the plant, red rose bush, can't wait for it to bloom.


Suanne said...

I miss you guys ... and love you. Gramma Suanne

SoozBot said...

Glad to see things are going well! The rose bush is a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my amazing son, who keeps my amazing grandson going in the right direction.

Daddy Dudley