Saturday, September 04, 2010

first grade

Wow it's been a fun summer but now we are gearing up to have Jasper back in School.
This coming Wednesday will be his first day of First Grade! We are really both excited. This will be his first year of all day school, which will leave me plenty of time to do my errands and have some me time.
Jasper's Seventh Birthday was a lot of fun and I appreciated all who came and sent their happy birthdays.
I go through this every year but time just seems to pass too quickly, my baby is Seven and going to School all day, OMG!


Anonymous said...

Get ready for homework, fun questions, and the insane amount of sicknesses that come with the interaction with schoolmates. All in all, you with both end up smarter and stronger.

Best wishes to the head pirate and his assistant.

Daddy Dudley

SoozBot said...

WOW! Jasper looks so much like his Dad! I hope he loves first grade!