Thursday, April 24, 2008

concerning the benefit

Hi, sorry it's so long between posts, but I am pretty busy these days.
So onto other things, namely the benefit. We need volunteers for a couple duties, shoot me an email if interested in helping out.
Also at the benefit there will be a silent auction to raise money, if you are interested in making a donation of an item to put up for auction contact me via email.

In other news things are going well, we manage to get out and have fun, in fact this Saturday my sister Carma is treating us to dinner at the Hit It Here Cafe then a Mariners Game. We plan on going to as many M's games as possible this season so maybe we'll witness a win or two.
We also after almost five years, have our cat Maynard back, and Elise couldn't be happier. A big thanks goes to Robert and Kate for being amazing parents to him over that time, I know it was hard to let Maynard go.

Maynard a.k.a. catloaf

Elise Today

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