Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy 30th Elise

So Elise's birthday was yesterday, but it will be celebrated until Monday here.
We had a small celebration here last night just me Jasper and Elise. We decorated with banners, streamers and balloons which Jasper had fun with. The decorations will stay up until Monday because we are having a family party Sunday.
Today Jasper, Elise, Suanne, Echo and Lane are off at the Tulip Festival having fun.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I'll pass them on to Elise.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed spending some fun time with you today Sweetie ... the weather was wonderful, the kids were happy, and it was just a good time all around with my girls. I love you, Mama

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elise! Welcome to the club of 30! My thoughts and wishes are with you.

Love Your Cousin,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Elise, don't forget to celebrate the "un-birthdays" too.

Daddy Dudlely

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elise!!!! Have lots of fun celebrating!!! Love Uncle Glen, Aunt Gail, and cousins David and Daniel

Anita said...

Dear Elise...
I have been gone for awhile so I am late in my birthday wishes...but I still wish you a Happy Belated Birthday...and turning 30 is the BEST! I LOVE being 30! I hope you had a GREAT party with your family and friends. Take care friend!!