Wednesday, June 04, 2008

today and yesterday

Jasper at breakfast

Jasper jumping from bed to bed at our hotel room

Elise at breakfast

sunset in west yellowstone

A buffalo a couple feet away from me

old faithful

Jasper playing with kids at old faithful

hot springs, very hot

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Ridgewalker said...

Hey travellers,

I just came out of the Sierras to find that you made it to Yellowstone. That is awesume! I love the pictures of Jasper around the Springs and Elise you look to be in good spirits. I remember what John Muir said, "People need to go to nature to gain it's good tidings. Finding in the end, that they are connected to a greater beautiful thing as with all nature around them." I am happy to see that through things that is what you are doing *:o) I hope all is well, and the trip brings a brightness that it seems all the warmth around you has from others. I think often while I hike of you, and hope that things are well. Hope to see more photos of your travels...

-- Jorj (Ridgewalker)