Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update from Suanne

We've been home for about a week now ... recooperating from a wonderful trip, and beginning a new round of medical appointments. The weather turned cold and blustery, so Elise opted to cut the trip short ... plus, she started feeling the effects of the lack of steroids (decadron) -- more tired and fuzzy thinking. Since then, she's gone back on a management dose of the steroid. Her energy is up, thinking is clearer ... she's just back to being more of herself. In fact, she's getting much stronger on her right side, no longer needing as much help getting from here to there ... yeah!
She had another MRI yesterday (Wednesday) and found that the tumor is stable (no growth) ... that is good news. The doctors decided to be a little less agressive given the tumor's no-growth status and Elise's functional improvements. They recommended putting the stereotactic radiation (gamma knive) option on the back burner for when/if the tumor grows, and focus now on doing chemo therapy. So, that's what Elise will be doing ... maybe starting as early as this evening.
The chemo therapy is a pill (temodar) that she'll take for 5 days each month, just before bed. One side effect that we were told to expect is tireness, starting about the 3rd day into taking the pills and lasting for about a week. The doctors tell us that they are pretty good at finding the right anti-nausea medication to handle the sick feelings.
We saw some beautifuly country on the Yellowstone trip, spent some fun times enjoying family, and listened to some good music on the way to and from ... we've got some wonderful memories to cherish. Cameron and Elise got some wonderful video and pictures that capture those moments forever.

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