Thursday, December 18, 2008


We have been getting a lot of snow.
The headline of the local paper read something to the effect of "Fun and Troublesome" which I think stated it rather well.
I have been avoiding driving as much as possible, and Jasper has made an effort to stay in and warm. He did have an outing into the snow the other day though, which concluded with cuddling and hot cocoa. These pictures are from the first snowy day.


***SZ*** said...

Adorable! I bet his little hands got cold without mittens after a while though, huh?
When I was in Seattle last year, the guy who hosted me told me that snow is fun but pretty much closes the city down :)
Hope you two are doing well

Anonymous said...

And here I was whining about 31 degrees and clear skies. The rain came in and it warmed up to 44 degrees. My question is, did he nail Dad with the snow ball he was holding?

Daddy Dudley