Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Some days it's harder to find things to be thankful for.
Still, there are undeniable things in my life I can't help but be thankful for.
The support given by friends and family(Pagliacci included) through all that my family went through this year. We couldn't have made it through without all of you.
What I'm most thankful for though is that in the short time Elise had on this earth, I got to spend a nice chunk knowing and loving her, my life is better for knowing her. Also, for Jasper, who is my little smiling beacon through the hardest times. In him is so much of his mother she will always be there smiling back at me through him.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving all.


detective cupcake said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ridgewalker said...

Thankful of the experiences is one of the truest realities we can find in this life. The experiences yet still to come with Jasper and your family as well. It is more vaulable then any thing people can give I've found. I'm back in Seattle, and willing to help out if you need just drop me a line anytime...


Anonymous said...

Your ability to see the positive is heartwarming. Your ability to express your feelings is inspiring. I am impressed with the nobility of your spirit and the love that has grown.

Daddy Dudley

julz said...


thinkin of you and the little guy


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you two a lot these days, and hoping you are staying warm.

lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Jasper looks great. What a winter wonderland. Jasper did not get dad with that snowball, right? Enjoy the snow while it's there.
Love You,
Gma Judi