Friday, October 31, 2008

happy haloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
This holiday is a favorite round these parts, we always do Halloween at Suanne's house, so Jasper and I will be heading out there.
Jasper this year decided on an Optimus prime costume and I will be a a Luchador (mexican wrestler), should be fun.

(Jasper at an early Halloween party)

Everything has seemed to be a challenge lately, even food shopping, so I hope tonight goes well.
We both have had a hard time in all this, so distractions are nice.
Distractions are so nice we got a bunch of new video games, I'm getting back into fire juggling, anything to keep me and Jasper busy.
I actually ordered fire devil sticks and got fire poi on accident, so another week until my sticks get here. I managed to work a deal for the poi, since they are here now, so I got them cheap.
I'm gonna try to brush up on my poi skills, I see bruising in my future.
I think doing the fire juggling will be good, you tend to hit a kind of zen spot when you have fire flying around your head.


Anonymous said...

Jasper looks great as Optimus Prime! I hope you guys managed a great Halloween! Still thinking of you all here in MN. ***hugs***


Anonymous said...

Hey Cameron --- Jasper looked great. What is fire poi? Great pic of Elise as a pirate...So I'm guessing ya'll come down on the Pirate Side in the Great Pirate vs. Ninja war....I see how it is LOL...~Jason