Friday, October 03, 2008

trying to stay positive

I've suspected but didn't want to admit to myself that the situation is worse that it seems.
Elise has been manifesting physically signs that her tumor has grown again spreading further into the right side of her brain. Her symptoms, until recently, have manifested in the right side of her body, due to the tumor being more on the left side of her brain. Now we are seeing symptoms on her left side we never saw there before. I'm scared to say that the situation looks bad, although I hold onto hoping it's just the flu, the reality of the situation is making that not seem likely. Elise has missed her chemo due to all this as well, which I don't believe was working as well as we all thought it was.

On this blog I really try to stay optimistic, so this has been a hard post to write.

Suanne is still coming daily to take care of us all, and is staying on top of the meds situation as well as trying to coordinate Hospice getting involved so Elise can stay home where she wants to be.
Also, check out the comments, Suanne has been doing updates in the comment area.


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detective cupcake said...

I'm sending more positive thoughts your way :)