Monday, June 08, 2009


Hi all,
The weather for the most part has been amazing. Jasper and I have taken advantage of it by getting in as much swimming as we can. Suanne got Jasper swim lessons and he my little fish now, always wants to swim and he's doing great at it too.
John, Elise's stepfather , got an amazing tribute tattoo for Elise. I was blown away. I know Elise would have really been impressed and loved it.

all for now


SoozBot said...

That tattoo looks absolutely amazing!

Glad to hear you two are enjoying summer so far, and as always, I am thinking of you often


Anonymous said...

Swimming is perhaps on of the finest exercises. Just look what it does for fish. It is wonderful that you guys can participate together. Do all you can while the sun shines. We are thinking of you always.

Daddy Dudley