Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heat Wave

Wow, it's been pretty hot, actually we're having record heat with heat warnings/advisories.
It's been so hot all I seem to be able to do is lay inside and be miserable or swim. So ya, we've been swimming a lot, sometimes twice a day. Even the cat has been feeling the heat, laying upside-down spread-eagle, I saw him outside in the shade like that and poked him just to make sure he was still alive.
Hope you all are managing to stay cool.


Anonymous said...

And you have always been such a "cool" dude. Hopefully you have a fan to stir up the mud.

Daddy Dudley

Anonymous said...

Gee, and it's only high double digits and low triple digits here... but the humidity is killing me... Hugs to you, Laurel

Anonymous said...

Here in Santa Cruz we've had real smokey air from the fires. I've had to shelter in place and only go to work. Of course the warmest it gets here is maybe 78 - 80 on a warm day. Hope all goes well with school. Happy Birthday Jasper.
Grm Judi