Wednesday, May 28, 2008

off to yellowstone in the morning

So Here it is 11pm and I am still packing for the trip. It is exciting and chaotic at the moment.
So thanks to Fairy Godmother (make a wish for terminal adults) and Suanne off we go on a three week road trip adventure. I'll post pics and blogs on the road.

I did want to mention that thanks to donations from the benefit and elsewhere we were able to put Ten thousand dollars in our son's G.E.T. account to help with college in the future. Thanks to Pagliacci and all the people who have gave in many ways out there for their support. It really has been an amazing and wonderful thing, and a reminder of the kindness, generosity, and love that sometimes seems hard to find in our world.
Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, guys!


Anita said...

Elise and family, I hope that you guys have a great time out seeing the world and enjoying eachother's company. Take care and have fun on your trip!!