Sunday, May 18, 2008

random update

Words can't express how great it is to have Elise home, it's great being a family again.
Tonight we went to see Speed Racer, it was a lot of fun.
It seems like we have a million things we want to do and never enough time to do it in. But things are picking back up after being extremely slowed down by my back injury.
I still have some stiffness and soreness every now and then, but for the most part I'm functional again. Unfortunately just in time for all of us to get a cold, but were getting through it.
With all that's going on it's hard to keep up on little things, a lil each day I guess.
Jasper has become good friends with a kid here at our apartments, they play all day and are just too cute.
Maynard the cat continues to rock here is a pic we call handicat...

All in all things are pretty good.
I do want to say thanks again to all the people that made the benefit possible, and to all the people that have supported us through all this.

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