Wednesday, March 05, 2008

4 weeks?

That is their estimate at this point, it may change depending on how the various therapies go. Today we talked to her insurance company about coverage on a second opinion and they said yes, so Suanne has been on top of UCSF hospital one of the best on the west coast for what Elise has going on.
Elise is doing well with the therapies and shows some improvement from day to day.
I'm getting better over the hump on that cold, so I am back with Elise tonight.
all for now,


Anonymous said...

Good to hear she is doing well with the therapies. I hope UCSF can help her, always nice to be able to have a second opinion.

Tell her we are all in there praying for her.

Julie, Jayme, Jeff, Al, and Nancy Palmer from N. Bend.

Anita said...

I bet it does all your hearts good to finally have a time to work's something to set the sights on to. It's good to hear how well she is doing...Still thinking of you Elise...take care friend!

Anonymous said...

Elise & Cameron:
I know it's exhausting work Elise. I'm so proud of you - keep it up.
Working toward the goal of going home is a great goal. Once you are at home, you will feel sooo
much better spiritually if not physically. I love you guys and there are many people who are keeping you in their prayers down here in California.