Thursday, March 06, 2008

wheelchair and stuff

Elise got a wheelchair today and managed to be upright in it for a full hour. It was a lot of work for her and you could tell she was exhausted. She did great on her speech therapy and continues to make good progress daily.
It is a long hard road for recovery, but she is giving every little bit she has, she wants to be able to come home.
Suanne continues to be a priceless advocate for Elise really hustling for the second opinion. Looks like it'll happen.
My sister Carma is also someone helping out a great deal, taking Jasper almost every other night, so big thanks to her, she is amazing.
My other sister reproduced a woobie(blanket) that I had as a child and carried with me everywhere, so Jasper is the proud owner of Woobie 2 - the sequel, which he asked for tonight as he went to sleep.
My mom sent up some beautiful handmade hats and a wig for Elise just in case she might want one.
There is a lot of people helping, doing what they can, and it really touches me how many people out there care, so I can't thank you all enough, Thank You.

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Anonymous said...

Its really late and I've go6t to go to bed but thought I'd check the site. Hope you like the hats and wig. Hang tough and know we love you all. Hug Elise and Jasper if you can catch him.
Love You,