Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Suanne Update

It's been a while since I've written an update for the blog ... mainly because they keep me so darn busy here in rehab. Elise continues to amaze both the therapists and myself with her progress. Moving in and out of the wheelchair is becoming easier and more routine now. She's also becoming more accomplished at using her left hand to do everything (even though she's right handed). Medically, the doctors are working to protect her lungs from blood clots with the filter that was put in a couple of days ago along with some blood thinning medications (to keep the filter unclogged). It's a balancing act because they don't want to give her too much of the blood thinners so that it causes the brain tumor to bleed either. I really appreciate all of the work and expertise that the UW medical professionals are bringing to the table on Elise's behalf.

We did get the second opinion back from UCSF and they provided the exact same same diagnosis as the UW Medical Center.

My hubby John and I are looking into getting a wheelchair accessible van for Elise. Elise wants to visit Yellowstone National Park this summer ... so, the van will not only be used for taking Elise to and from her hospital appointments, but also for some fun day trips and to Yellowstone. Elise says that she's looking forward to making some wonderful memories for herself and her family.

When Elise started radiation therapy, they told her that many people start feeling tired after a couple of weeks of radiation. Well, the tiredness has now kicked in for Elise. Beginning yesterday, she's sleeping between appointments and activities (which actually is giving me this time to write a quick blog). I talked with the radiation oncology nurse about it, and she said the best way to deal with the tiredness is to stay as active as possible and to be on as much of a routine sleep/wake schedule as possible (a challenge in the hospital).

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter filled with joy and hope. Suanne

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Anita said...

Happy Easter Elise and family!!! Just want you to know how exciting it is to hear of your progress...take care and keep up all the hard work!