Wednesday, March 05, 2008

good morning

Elise started radiation treatment yesterday and today she has the assessment. From what the therapists overheard it's looking like it's going to be more like 3 weeks. We will have confirmation and a target discharge date.
With the therapy Elise is learning to do everything one handed while building up the other hand, so all the bases are covered.
We are also learning about how her brain is functioning and ways we can help her communicate better, i.e. knowing where she has difficulties retrieving the correct words, and working around that for now. The Speech therapist said it would improve with time and because she is young her brain might just remap some pathways.

I wanted to take a minute to thank Suanne for all she's done publicly. She hasn't only been there for Elise but for me as well. Also she has been doing a great deal of the behind the scenes work such as acquiring paperwork for services and even filling them out for us. She has been amazing! So Thank You Suanne!!!

Also I want to thank you again for all the donations we received, they have enabled us to do some wonderful things and some everyday things as well, like gas and food.
I appreciate continued donations as well, it's a long hard road ahead with a lot of unknowns. Our bill for the four days at Harborview alone was $33,000, no word yet on how much her insurance is covering yet.
That's all till later today.

By the way, today marks four weeks in the hospital.

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