Friday, September 05, 2008

good news

Yesterday Elise went in for her bi-weekly chemo treatment, an MRI and usual stuffs. Her mom Suanne takes her to all her appointments, giving me a break to focus on other things, like housework and the like. I got to say quickly that she drives an hour to get here then drives to Seattle and back for Elise's appointments then drive an hour back home. She has been truly amazing and dedicated to making sure Elise is where she needs to be when she needs to be as well as making sure all the right questions are asked of the doctors. I can't thank her enough for all she does.
So yesterday I got a call from them. Elise said, "Good news!". She went on to explain that her new chemo treatments are working and there has been some shrinkage of her tumor. If the treatments continue to work it could add six months to her life expectancy. As long as the the chemo works they will continue to give treatments.
I was so excited I ran and told Jasper and he was excited too, he let out a yell of triumph, followed by Yay, Mama's tumor shrank!!!
Later I told Elise of his zest and Jasper said, yeah I was so excited.
Good news is savored and celebrated in these parts.
In other news I am working on a tattoo with an artist at Sunken ship Tattoo in Everett. The Tattoo's centerpiece is a drawing I did for Elise as a symbol of what our love means to me, I am very excited about it.

Random Pics

Jasper was a preemie, through a month and a half in the hospital Elise never left his side.

A great picture of Carma and Jasper at a M's game.

On a trip to the Seattle Science Center Aiden and Jasper give me their tough guy faces for a quick pic.

Pre-Jasper days, Elise and I at my cousin Justin's wedding in Salem, OR.


***SZ*** said...

That is great news! I am so happy for you guys! Here's to continuous tumor shrinking!

Anonymous said...

"Yay!"- from Kate and Robert

Anonymous said...

tumor shrinkage kicks ass. Much love from Salem.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that is just great. I have been checking this site every day and was worried with no news. In this case, it was good news when it came thru. Our thoughts and prays are still with you all.

Nancy, Jayme, Julie, and Jeff, and Al in Beijing too.

ceri said...

We are so thankful for answered prayers!!! Give our love to Elise and Jasper!! Paul & Ceri

Jason L. Cheung said...

Sweet. Ditto what Much love from Salem said. ~Jason Cheung

Anonymous said...

Glad for the awesome news! Hugs to you! Much love from Laurel, Ken, Ilia and Dom.

Anita said...

WOOHOOO! Love to hear that the tumor is shrinking! SCORE! So happy for your family. Keep taking care my friend!