Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sick part II

We are all still sick, see the 2 comments on the last post for more info from Suanne.
Jasper is getting better, Elise is still barely responsive, I'm worse than yesterday and Suanne has been here daily to be supermom.
This is definitely a hard time.


Suanne (elise's mom) said...

Update: When I left yesterday afternoon, Elise was resting comfortably, but still very out of it. A big thanks to Elise's friends and colleagues who are making some meals for them now ... it'll help a lot while everyone is still sick and caretaking demands are so high. I also asked the doctor for referrals for home health care and hospice help as well. I hope to know more in the next few days whether or not insurance will pay for that assistance or if they will be useful for us right now. Suanne

suanne (elise's mom) said...

We are all still sick. Jasper is getting some of his spunk back tho'. Elise was able to eat some broth and a bit of nutrition drink, so that's a good sign. Today I hope to hear from the organization that does both home health care and hospice to set up a home visit so that they can help us determin how best to use their services. I continue to spend most of my days day helping out, while Cameron is there 24/7. Your positive thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. Suanne