Sunday, September 28, 2008


Jasper. Elise and I have gotten some nasty sickness. I had to call in the big guns to help out, Suanne.
She came as soon as she could and took care of Elise and Jasper since I was having a hard time keeping up while sick. So a huge thank you to her.
My job as caretaker and Father can be overwhelming as it is, but when we are all sick it's near impossible, I couldn't have gotten through today without Suanne. She even did dishes.


Suanne (Elise's Mom) said...

Here's a quick update from Suanne: Cameron took Jasper to ER for breathing difficulties ... they diagnosed bronchitus. Elise is getting weaker and weaker with this flu ... I'm worried and have called the doctor. I'm sure Cameron will post more later, but thought I should update.

suanne (elise's mom) said...

Update from Suanne: When I talked with the doctor yesterday, he explained that the flu makes the brain tumor symptoms worse. When the flu passes, the worsening symptoms will pass too. So, the doctor just wanted us to make sure she gets plenty of liquids. When I left their apartment in the late afternoon yesterday, they looked like they were all ready for a good rest. I'll be going back to their place later this morning. Suanne