Monday, February 11, 2008

the biopsy plan

Hi, This is Suanne, Elise's Mom, blogging for Cameron tonight. Elise is now at the UW Medical Center ICU, Room 515. She chowed down a Thai stir fry tonight for dinner, along with some green tea. The biopsy is tomorrow (Tuesday). Unfortunately, they won't know anything immediately after the operation because the pathology report will take more than a week to get back. The operation itself takes about 1.5 hours. Given the location of the tumor (in the middle of the brain), they can't remove it. So, the biopsy will help to decide on a treatment plan. After the surgery, the doctor expects her to go to a regular hospital room here at the UW Medical Center. Elise has had so many people express their good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers ... on her behalf, thank you.

Suanne and Jasper schucking corn last summer.

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