Sunday, February 10, 2008

on jasper

Jasper seems to be holding up well so far, he misses mama and daddy but he is having lots of fun being with family. So a big thank you Suanne and Carma for being so wonderful.
Suanne(Elise's mom) and I are switching off nights bedside, and Carma(my sister) has been here a ton helping out with every little thing.
The only reason I mention who they are is because I have refered all myspace friends and Elise's co-workers to this blog. This will be the only place I will update now.


Anonymous said...

A big hug to all of you. Carma especially gets mentioned for taking care of Mom so well. The report I got from Mom on Jasper was absolutely glowing. Elise and Cameron are to be congratulated for raising such a fine young man.

Daddy Dudley

Janis Shields KAY said...

Hi from Kay... My prayers are with your family... If you need some care for Jasper My childcare hours are 6am to 6pm ...425=8791064 M-F
I;m located about 2 miles from Everett Mall.
Love to you all Ray and Kay

Echo said...

Hi Elise-
I wanted you know know that joe and I are thinking about you every minute. He wants you to know that he really loves you too and wants to come down when he feels it's safe. He has been fighting a nasty cold. I am planning on coming to see you later today. We love you lots and keep your chin up!
Love Echo

Chuck D said...

Hey Cameron this is Chuck, I'm Elise's old GM at the University Pagliacci. 1st off thanks for posting a blog during a difficult time to keep everyone informed. Secondly we all love Elise, and I know my wife and I will praying for her every day and every night. Peace

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Elise and Cameron,
Can I bring you guys dinner or something? Also, where can I send flowers? Sending good healing mojo your way.

Elizabeth (old co-worker at Juanita Pagliacci)