Monday, February 11, 2008

Last night

So the steroid they were giving Elise makes her wired, as well as shrinks the tumor temporarily, so last night Elise couldn't sleep, and she was more lucid then I have seen her in a while.
We ended up chatting until 3a.m., she was back mentally to about 95% so I read her all the emails and well wishes and she really loved to hear them, in fact she joked she should of got sick sooner she loved hearing the kind words so much.
I'm tired so I'll try to put up a couple pics and then rest.*click on pic for full size*

Elise and Jasper last Fall when she took jasper for his first ferry ride

Elise and Jasper last August on a camping trip with me and Suanne.

Suanne and Jasper out hiking, picture by Elise

Me and Elise in 2002

That's all for now more tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Hi Elise, Cameron and Jasper,
It's your cousin Donna in California. I just heard the news from my mom and I am sending lots of well wishes and prayers your way. We are thinking about you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Elise, Cameron & Jasper,
Just wanted you to know our love and lots of prayers are going your way. Stay strong and always know that your family is with you, no matter how far.

Your cousins,
John, Laura (Miller) & family

Jayme said...

Hi This is Jayme from high school. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. I just went on myspace for the first time in months and saw the news. You son is adorable and I almost didn't reconize your mom. Hope you get better soon.

Lisa said...

I love you Elise! Stay strong and know we are all praying for you!