Tuesday, February 12, 2008

post surgery

I was told by the neurosurgeon that performed the biopsy that the surgery went fine, and that she would be sent down for a cat scan to make sure everything went well, then off back to the ICU after she is done in the recovery.
Hopefully she will be ready for visitors soon, I will post when she's ready.

Two tests will be done on the brain tissue sample, one could give us an answer within 48 hours but only detects certain kinds of tumors and the other one is the one I spoke of before that'll take a week.
That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys:
It was so good to see you all and get hugs and kisses. You know you are getting hats from me. All my friends are checking out your blog and they love to keep up. I cant thank Carma enough for bringing me up there. Elise & Cameron you hang in there; our (All your family in Califoria) prayers are with you day & night.
Love, Mom -Judi

Anonymous said...

Elise and Cameron, our thoughts and prayers are with you day & night. Uncle Gary is now bald - shaved his head tonight in support of Elise getting better soon. Will send pictures soon.
Love, Gary and Mary

Anonymous said...

Grampa John is bald now too! Jasper watched me shave it and caught the hair as it fell to put in the trash can. I'll send you the pics. Love, Mama (Suanne)

Anonymous said...

Dear Elise

This is Anita from high school and I really just want you to know that I'm thinking of you and your family. It's good to hear that your surgery seemed to go well, I hope good news comes back. My thoughts and prayers are with you and should you need anything, please call or email and I'll do what I can. 253-486-2675...Anything you need just jingle...Take care and know I'm praying for you and your family!

Lots of love your way

gorthok said...

it's good to see things rockin on a forward motion man. i'll be watchin as you post. keep sane!