Saturday, February 23, 2008

sitting up

Cameron and I continue to take turns being with Elise every other night. Thanks to Aunt Carma having Jasper this weekend, both Cameron and I got a night off for some much needed sleep and rest. (Thank you Carma!) When I got to the hospital about noon on Saturday, I was treated to a smiling Elise sitting up in a chair ... the first time since the 14th. She loved having her friends visit with her today, as well as Carma and Jasper ... who had gentle hugs and kisses for his Mama. Thanks to everyone for your visits to the hospital, as well as your cards and gifts ... all of your kindnesses mean so much. Elise even modeled a couple of knitted hats she received from her Aunt Gail in California. We took some pictures that Cameron will probably post to the blog. After a big day of sitting up for about 7 hours, Elise is now sleeping peacefully in bed. Her attending physician came by today to let us know she's still scheduled for surgery mid-day on
Monday. That's it for now. Mama Suanne

the pics...


Anonymous said...

Hi sister-
You look great in the pictures. Congrats on being able to sit in a chair. I knew you could do it. A little at a time and you will be a pro in no time. I love you a whole bunches. Love Echo

Anita said...

Look at how beautiful you are!! Love the great hats! Hope they are keeping your noggin warm...Take care and sending well wishes your way!