Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you Chuck

This is an email I received from Chuck D., the stars by the info below denote private info I didn't want to post openly on the internet. Just a side note but if you would like to give me a phone number or address for contact info please send it to me via email to help protect your personal info.:

I hope Chuck doesn't mind me putting up his email address for this event.
The below email I received from Chuck, I am extremely touched by this and encourage all who have the want to attend to do so.
Please contact him via email if you are interested in attending at:

Message from Chuck D.:

Hello to everyone who receives this email either from myself or passed along from a friend.

I want to invite everyone to join me on Monday March 10th to get together here at my place and pray for Elise. As a believer in Christ we believe in times like this where you feel hopeless and it seems like you can't do anything to help, we believe prayer isn't the only thing left to do, but it is in fact the very best thing we can do for those we love. I think we all stand in agreement that we love and care for Elise. Like others I couldn't believe it when I heard the news, and it was put on my heart right away to get all who love Elise here together, and lift her up to Jesus to do the amazing, which is heal Elise. We know from scripture that Jesus is the ultimate healer, and that he wants to carry our burdens, and that because of his grace we can go boldly to throne of God and pray for Elise. I don't know what everyone who receives this email believes in, but this is truly open to anyone. We invite all people to pray for Elise if you feel comfortable enough doing so. The main thing is that we get together and show God that we care and love Elise, and that we care so much that we would take time out of our day to get together and lift her up to him. This can also be a time to help raise money for Cameron, Jasper and Elise. As many of you know Elise was the provider for the family, and now that she is not working needless to say it will be difficult for the family financially. We will be providing information on how to donate to Elise, Cameron and Jasper.

When: Monday March 10th from 4:00 to 5:00
Host: Chuck D.
I will be sending emails through gmail, and myspace to contact as many people as I can. For those of you that have received this email especially Ceri and Jason Cheung. Please if you can do your best to invite as many people as you can that might want to join us.
Chuck D'Amico

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Anita said...

I won't be able to attend but I will partcipate from my home to pray for Elise...