Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update from Suanne (Elise's Mom).

Elise has been alert most of the last two days. In fact, she's found it difficult to sleep. Although, if you come to visit, it looks like she's on pain meds or something. This "drowziness" is part of the effects of the tumor. Because of the drains in her head, she has had to stay in bed. Once a permanent shunt is put in, she can get out of bed and really start to get her strength back to her right side. Getting that strength back is key to having her come back home to her family. After today's operation, the doctors will reassess her health to determine when she can start radiation therapy. At this point, the primary goal of the radiation is to stop the growth of the tumor. As she becomes more aware of the challenges and opportunities in her future, she remains upbeat and strong. To Cameron and I yesterday, she held up her right hand, in a fist, and said "solidarity" in her fight and "no tears." As my eyes
continued to well up, I asked if tears of love were ok, and she said "yes." I'm glad she said yes because I don't think I could stop showing my pride and love for her if I wanted to. She is a remarkable person. Suanne

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