Saturday, February 16, 2008


As far as visitors go, her condition is improving enough that visitors are an option now, they way we'll do it is have people come to the ICU waiting room and use the phone(just pick it up, it dials the nurse's station.) to let us know that the visitor is there, if she is ready for a visitor we will come get them and take them back.
She has been awake more and also more responsive thanks to the drains they put in. She really loves seeing people, but we have to keep it mellow, so if your coming to visit have patience, and hopefully everyone can get to see her.
Her room is 516, 5th floor, use the Pacific elevators to go to 5th floor and the waiting room for the ICU is on the right.
Remember that patience is the key here, there is a lot going on still as far as her care goes so don't get discouraged, we'll try our hardest to get everyone back to see her because she loves seeing people, it does her heart good.

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