Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Elise is in surgery

I'm in the surgery waiting room now, still waiting to hear.
On the question my Dad posed about me shaving my head, I plan on doing so unless Elise objects fiercely.
I was thinking that if anyone wants to shave their head in support, make sure you get a photo, if you can before and after photo's, then send them to me at:


I will post the pictures sent to me here.
For women, we are thinking of another option since it is pretty extreme for women to shave their heads, maybe like a lock of hair and take a picture holding the lock. If you got a better idea don't be afraid to suggest it via comment or email.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elise,
We love you and hope that you're not too uncomfortable after your biopsy. I'll be knitting you a few hats to wear on your beautifully shaved head to keep you warm.
Love, Aunt Gail, Uncle Glen and cousins David and Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elise,
This is your Great Aunt Opal & Great Uncle John. I was so surprised to hear that you were in the hospital. We are all pulling for you. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Get Well Soon, we love you. God Bless you!

Great Aunt Opal & Great Uncle John

Elizabeth said...

Do you know when she'll be ready for visitors? I really want to bring flowers for her, and a knit cap too, because I'm sure her head will be cold!

Cameron said...

Gail, I was so happy hear you are knitting hats for Elise, I think that's just great. I look forward to recieving them.
I'll pass on all messages to Elise.