Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long term

We read Elise all the blog comments and she regularly asks if there are new ones, so this is a good place to leave well wishes for her.
One thing I must say because I believe I haven't yet, is that the Dr.'s have said their goal is to get her home. When we do go home we will have to return M-F for Radiation and Chemo, and will most likely have a home care nurse for the duration.
So we are still trying to get my girl home where she'll be most happy and comfortable.
Thank you all for your kind words and support, we love hearing from everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Elise, Cameron, and Jasper,
We were so sorry to hear of your test results and hope you are able to go home quickly. Lots of love to your family. Love Aunt Gail, Uncle Glen, Cousins David and Daniel

Anonymous said...

Dear Cam, Elise, and Jasper,
Mom Alyssa and I are reading all your blogs to get up to date. We love the pics and plan to add to them soon. We hope you are holding up and know that all our prayers are with you.
Love, Mom, Cindy, and Alyssa