Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Head shaving party

So they didn't shave all her hair off, I guess they leave that to the family to do, so tomorrow we are going to have a head shaving party here at the hospital.
We will however have to limit the amount of people in the room because it gets to be too much for Elise to handle. So we will most likely do like one person at a time shaving their head. We are trying to get a video camera, and I think we got one, so we can have video of it to put up here.
So far jasper, her stepdad John, my sister Carma(Kayla willing,lol), her friends Natalie, Jen, Jorj, John(her boss and friend) and I are going to shave our heads. If I left you
off the list I'm sorry, kinda warn out tonight.

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