Thursday, February 21, 2008

Come on down

So, Elise's surgery has definately been postponed again due to an infection that's not clearing up. It's been rescheduled for Monday. She's still in ICU at UW Medical Center, room NN516. She's enjoying the short visits from everyone. When you visit her now you'll be asked to wear a lovely yellow gown and blue gloves to help prevent the spread of infection beyond her room to other vulnerable patients. Suanne

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delci said...

Heya all. It was a blow to hear the news, but it seems like everyone is staying in good spirits. I wish I was in Seattle to stop by, but I'm currently living in Washington DC. (would have been fun to get dressed up in the yellow gown and blue gloves) I plan on a trip home sometime this summer, I'll definitely come visit if you're all not too busy :) I'm sending love and thoughts your way and hope to keep in touch.