Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So the head shaving was canceled because Elise had physical therapy appointments and she had a rough night so she needed her rest.
She can't handle a lot a noise or excitement so guests are being kept to a minimum while she recovers from the biopsy.
I just talked to her on the phone and she seemed in good spirits. I am home with Jasper for the night resting and will be back tomorrow to spend Valentine's day with my girl.
Jasper and I shaved our heads today, forgot to get a Jasper before, but just scroll down to see his hair before...


mellymel said...

You guys look Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Cindy & I are getting our hair cut
short together this weekend. We'll send the pictures.
My co-workers say Jasper looks at least seven with his new do.
Love you all,

Anita said...

What a GREAT support system Elise has!