Tuesday, February 26, 2008

surgery went good

Just got the news that surgery went as planned and Elise is the proud owner of a spiffy new shunt.
We most likely will be back in 4 northeast after she gets out of recovery, which will be an hour or more.
So yay, finally done, now we have the assesment soon and after that will know more about timeframe for getting her home.


Robert said...

hooray! The best news anyone could get right now. I hope her return home will be swift. I can't wait to see you guys together again in a more relaxed setting ie..home.
p.s. i'll get those shaved pics of me noggin to ya soon.

Anita said...

That's great to hear that the surgery finally happened! That has to be one less thing to do, now you guys just get to focus on getting her home and all of you relaxing and reconnecting again!! Yeah!! Take care Elise and family.