Sunday, February 24, 2008

the road home

So Elise is still on schedule for getting the shunt tomorrow. Interesting thing that shunt is. It will run under her skin from the current drain location down to the artery on her neck, where it will go into her into her artery and continue down to the heart where it will end. They were planning another route but had to do this route instead for it to be safer.
There will also be a valve in her under the skin which can be adjusted with magnets post surgery, cool stuff.
We are really excited for the surgery because it's a huge step to getting her home.
So tomorrow she will be in surgery sometime most likely in the afternoon.

Tonight has been good, we caught up on a show we like and have been enjoying the time together. Hope to be home soon, but she still has rehab after the surgery to try to get her right side going better. If she can move around well enough they will send her home, so keep the positive vibes coming.

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