Saturday, February 16, 2008

todays thoughts

So Elise has been awake for a while, still has some memory loss and other things that come with the territory, but in general she is pretty stable.
A big thanks to Matt, John and Jason from Pagliacci, she really enjoyed seeing you guys and she loved the Thai food, it hit the spot.

I have learned a lot about life through this experience, like your point of view can have a giant impact on the how you handle life.
Initially with the news there was a lot of crying, but I realized I am lucky in a way. She is not gone yet, and I get to be with her for a while longer, and knowing Elise, she will fight her hardest to stay here with her family. She is not the kind of person who gives up, neither am I, I will never give up hope.


Lisa said...

We are all lucky. We are lucky because Elise has made such an impact on so many lives, no matter how far. And she forever will. I wish I could do more for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Never give up. We will be with you always.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cameron, Elise & Jasper,
We were so sorry to hear the news. Just remember as hard as it is..... stay strong & positive and with the love you have, it will take you farther than anyone will ever know. Our thoughts & prayers are never far from you all.

Love your cousins,
John, Laura, Melissa & Scott