Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hate to ask

So of course finicial concerns are a factor in all this. I commute daily to and from Seattle and also eat a lot on the go. We do have great help from people bringing in food, and that helps greatly, but it still is getting to be an expensive lifestyle. I hate asking for help, but I'm afraid I must.
With Elise's diagnoses, the reality of her not being around one day is a harsh reality I never wanted to face, especially since we have a small child at home.
Echo suggested we make videos of Elise talking to our son about different milestones in his life. So when he gets older he still has momma's wisdom to guide him and reassure him his mother loved him dearly.
So what I am asking is if I could have some help with money to buy a video camera to do this. Also any extra money will be put toward other items to make things easier on our family in these hard times.
I know many of us have a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle so I don't expect extravagence, but a lil bit here and there adds up.
There is a paypal button to donate here on the blog, paypal is an excellent way to do it, very secure, but if you don't feel comfortable doing money stuff online email me at: and we'll figure it out, maybe by mail or whatever.
I have recieved two donations already, I won't mention names to keep it anonymous, but to them, Thank You! It means a lot to us.

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