Saturday, February 16, 2008

What everyone can do...

At a time like this everyone wants to be able to do something to help, I have gotten an overwhelming flood of offers to help.
Well I just had an idea of something any of us can do.
Elise has always been deeply concerned with politics, she worked hard to preserve National forests, and fight the good fight to preserve our nations beauty. She also was on the front lines of the organized protest against the W.T.O. here in Seattle years ago. She was angered by the people that acted negatively at the protest, just so you know, she was one of the good people there.
She is a deeply caring person who has always stood behind her beliefs and put her frustration into positive action when she could.
One thing that we spoke about many times is the sad state of health care in our nation. Why is it in this great nation that we still have people that can't get the care they need.
So if you want you could write letters to our representatives demanding Socialized Health care. I know some of you might not agree with it so I am not asking everyone to do this. But to me it makes sense that such a great nation should care for it's people in a more effective way.
Some people might be scared of the word Socialized, but remember this, our Police, Firefighters and schools are all government ran, and they seem to do a pretty good job.
Despite Micheal Moore's faults, I do recommend the movie "Sicko" for viewing, it has some good info.
If writing your representatives sounds like something you would like to do go here to find their contact info.


Anonymous said...

Hey Elise, I love you girl. I'm out here working your cause as best as I can. I'm almost there with you in the shaved head experience. But if I did it it would only be out of a style frustration. That wouldn't be the right reasons. I'll wait for a good hair day. (that's not going to happen for awhile).
So Elise just know I'm out here in Denver thinking and praying for you. I'll keep sending notes your way.

Cameron thank you so much for keeping this blog going with all the updates. I'm checking it daily sometimes 3 times a day.
Take care,

***SZ*** said...

Hey guys. It's Soozie. I just wanted to say I am thinking of you constantly. I also wanted to thank Elise for the support she gave me in our old MySpace groups, and for being such a loving person- I mean, I have never even met you, and you reached out to me online...heh... As far as Socialized Health Care goes, I am all for it. I am also a delegate for my precinct with the DFLers, and though it doesn't come with much power, I will use my voice to speak up at our meeting on March 8th. My thoughts and prayers are with you three always.