Friday, February 29, 2008


I manged to get sick so I had to stay home yesterday with Jasper who has also been sick. So I'm trying to get better so I can get back to my girl.
Elise has been a busy girl, lots of therapists, occupation, physical, and speech have been keeping her on her toes. Got an email from Suanne this morning saying she may be moved to rehab today because they believe a bed has opened up.
Rehab is the last step before going home, and they seem to think she will be able to although there is no time frame for that as of yet. When I asked they said three days to three weeks depending.
Wednesday night marked three weeks in the hospital and I love that people are still there for us, thank you as always to all of you for your continued support.


Anonymous said...

That sounds so good. I know you are looking forward to feeling like a family at home again. Hang in there you guys.

Love You,

***SZ*** said...

I chopped off my hair today to show support for Elise...I'll email the photos when I can. I've got MN thinking of you guys

Anonymous said...

I just received an email from Little Dave (Lewis) and his prayers are with you all. Get well quick.

Daddy Dudley