Friday, February 22, 2008


I am touched and amazed at the outpouring of love and support, thank you all.
Because of your donations I have already been able to purchase a camcorder which will arrive next week. Any other funds that come in will be put toward the hard road ahead, like support through her chemo and radiation (commuting for that), and medical bills not covered by her insurance and anything else that comes up.
So Thank You again.

On to news...
Elise got some good sleep last night, which is great because she hasn't slept for a couple days due to the steroids they are giving her as a temporary treatment to shrink the tumor.
She has started doing some physical therapy to increase strength on her right side, where she lost a good deal of movement. One of the conditions of her coming home is that she has to be able to move around well enough to take partial care of herself.
If you know Elise, you know she has amazing spirit, so I know she will try her hardest to get moving again.
After the shunt surgery they will do an assessment to figure out where, what and when. As in what is her abilities and does she have enough strength to start chemo and radiation. Where will she go next, as in home, nursing home, inpatient, and when will that happen.
So again we play the waiting game.

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